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Ready To RISE

Ready To RISE brings together the expertise of The Challenges Group in addressing women’s meaningful participation in the labour market (through the award-winning Making Work Work), with that of Firstport, Scotland’s agency for start-up social entrepreneurs and social enterprise, in an innovative new partnership.

The Making Work Work team have already helped almost 200 Scottish women to transition into and towards work that works following a career break. Making Work Work programmes are managed by Lynn Houmdi, Scotland's Flex Influencer 2022. We are delighted to have successfully won funding from The Scottish Government to work in collaboration with Firstport to promote social entrepreneurship to women across Scotland.

Applications are closed

Please utilise our free resources and keep an eye on our social channels for updates.

Watch our Social Entrepreneur Panel Event video:

Missed our information session? Find out all about the programme here:


About the Programme

Q: I am available of all training dates, but will have to leave a little early on occasion due to work commitments. Can I still join? 


A: We ask for commitment to join ideally all sessions ideally for the full session length to enable participants to make the most of the training. Sessions are not recorded, so a catch-up through a video is not possible. But we understand personal commitments can interfere and will try to work around these with individual participants. 



Q: I have a lot of ideas and passions for a business for good – but I don’t know how to tease out which one would be the most practical, with the most impact, and the one best working for me. Will this training course help me with it? 


A: Yes, the ideation workshop with help you working on your ideas and funnel them into a valid option that works for you; and the (work)life blend session will support you in learning about your personal passions and values and how this impacts your personal life and work balance. 



Q: I already have a clear idea will you help me set my business up?


A: Ready to RISE will not help you with your next steps on how to set up a social enterprise, we support the stage before the decision to set up. Ready to RISE can help you clarify your idea(s) and in making the decision to start a social enterprise – but we will then signpost you to support and possible funding to take the next steps. 



Q: Is there an application deadline? 


A: Applications are definitely open until the 7th of February. We will keep them open for longer, if capacity allows, and will need to close them on Monday 19th February to ensure everyone is ready to start training on the 21st of February. 



Q: Can I join the training even though I am in full-time employment? 


A: Yes, as long as you are able to join the weekly online training. 


About Social Businesses

Q: When setting up a CIC, is there a certain proportion of revenue that needs to go back into the enterprise, and how much can be used for e.g. salaries (and what if these two parts compete)? 


A: As a business you decide where your money goes, salaries are first. Everything above is your profit, that goes back into the social enterprise. 



Q: I am not sure about about boards – do I need to have one for a CIC? I fear they stand in the way of doing the business for good in the way I want to. 


A: Yes, you need to have a board in a Community Interest Company, it ensures the safeguarding of the idea for good and the aim to support the community. But as the one starting the CIC you can choose your board members and would be able to ensure only those join the board who are passionate about your idea and help you achieving your goals. 

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