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For Organisations

We take a collaborative approach in delivering our Making Work Work programmes, on which we partner with organisations such as Scottish Government, Skills Development ScotlandMidlothian Council, The UK Government's Levelling Up Fund and The City of Edinburgh Council.

Here are a number of ways in which your organisation could support women returners to make work work:



Can you help us find women participants? Do you work with women or have women in your networks who are eligible for Making Work Work?

If your organisation is part of an employability network or you hold regular meetings with third sector organisations, we'd be happy to come and speak to you.


Can you help us spread the word? Download our flyers here!


Education & Training

We are keen to spread the word about the incredible talent pool of women returners. The Making Work Work team is available to speak to organisations about women returners. We can help your team reflect, improve and share best practice on women returners, flexible working and gender equality through focus groups, training and workshops. 

With over 23 years experience upskilling talent and growing businesses, the Challenges Group partners with the Chartered Management Institute to provide Management & Leadership training and accreditation. Find out how we can help your staff develop and progress here.


Next Steps & Employment

Your organisation may be able to support our women as they leave our programme, for example through job opportunities, further education or training, additional employability support, or volunteering.

Maybe you could employ our alumni? Send us your job ads, or join an information session.



We partner with Business in the Community, whose Job Coach programme supports our women returners on their journey. If your employees wish to use their employee volunteering time to support women returners, or your social impact programme would like to support the mentoring of women returners to return to work commensurate with their skills and potential, get in touch! 

Can You Support Us?

Can your organisation support us in any of our four key areas?

If so, please contact us and we'll help identify areas to work together.

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